“Accept the help and take what they’re teaching seriously, use their information in smart ways and use it to fix yourself”

The word treatment can sound scary or stressful when you first hear about it, it's worth it, this coming from someone who is being discharged after 2 years of treatment very soon.  Although you will hear lots of different view points about it, before I entered treatment I was struggling and not only was I suffering, everyone around me was. I was taking everyone down with me. I felt very numb and empty, I didn't want to die, but I didn't want to feel the way I did anymore. So even though leaving my family was extremely scary, I was all for fixing myself and repairing relationships. The schooling here was very useful, it helped me learn better habits for school and focus better. The structure and routine was very well needed in my life. It helped me immensely, but now I know I'm ready to go home and back to mainstream school. The structure has become too much for me and I need to live freely, but everyone at treatment will get to that point eventually. This is how I knew I was done treatment and ready to go home. I have had a strong voice in the mental health community for a long time and I've been a great advocate for many different reasons. Honestly, the best way to get the treatment done faster is to accept it right away, sure we have some rocky moments, but don't reject it. Accept the help and take what they're teaching seriously, use their information in smart ways and use it to fix yourself.The staff are very good at their jobs and are always there if you need them. You do lots of activities, always keeping you active and healthy. So don't think you're in a jail or you're putting your child in something scary. It may be stressful as first, but if you need it, please take the chance you get because this is an amazing opportunity to make everything better in life. Chimo is an amazing cooperation! I'd also like to thank all for the help I've received in my time being, it's been a life saver.

(Former Residential Client)